GENES (the good, the band and the recessive)

GENES (the good, the band and the recessive) Part 1

Genes are what we continually hear people talk about. What is a gene? A gene itself is made up of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) which determines the genotype and therefore the phenotype (outward appearance) of the animal in question. The DNA itself is very long but is folded to make it take up less space. Thousands […]

Genetic Analysis (Part 2)

Genetic analysis with regards to dog breeding is not 100 % accurate. It is an indicator of the chance and probability that a certain gene/inherited trait will be passed on to the next generation. Traits influenced by only one gene such as coat colour gives us a 100 % probability with regards to the coat […]

Is it a genetic disorder? (Part 3) 

There have been many books written about defects in dogs which are thought to be inherited. Some of these disorders have been proven to be inherited through research whereas others are thought to be inherited, yet there is no reliable data to verify this.  It is a far common practice to talk about a disorder […]

The X-factor (part 4)

Breed the best to the best and HOPE for the best is what breeders aim for when selecting breeding partners for their dogs. How often have you noticed that two champion parents together failed to produce a single champion or in that case a decent looking offspring whereas two average parents when bred together produced […]